Looking for an affordable, efficient way to track your employees time? Check out my story about how On the Clock helped me with my growing company!

Customer Success with OnTheClock

“I like that I am able to monitor the hours even when I am not at the shop.”

By Tim Glendenning


What does Baked Custom Cakes do

Baked Custom Cakes is a cake studio that uniquely customizes cakes to meet your personal style and inspiration with their artistic talents. These delicious and creative cakes are baked from scratch and can be personalized for weddings, birthdays, babyshowers, graduations and engagements. In fact, the cakes are so good that a local reporter did an article about the company and its success.

I had the opportunity to ask the owner of Baked what her company’s goals are and she said “To provide quality cakes that range from simple designs to crazy sculpted and tiered designs that are baked from scratch.” You can learn more about Baked, meet their team and see some of their creations by visiting the company’s website .

Who is the owner of Baked

Before attending culinary school, Kristina Serfass started the company called Baked located in Seattle, WA back in 2010. She had the great opportunity to travel around the world with the Coast Guard on an Icebreaker before starting her successful custom cake studio.

“I was always into arts and crafts growing up and this is just a different form… with sugar! I love making baked goods for family and friends,” said Kristina. Her amazing talents and art skills encouraged her to be on the well-known TV show, Cake Wars. “One of my goals that came true was to compete on a Food Network competition and I was able to compete on Cake Wars, twice… and won twice!” Kristina said.

How an online time clock helps Kristina’s company

I had the opportunity to ask how OnTheClock has helped her company and employees when it comes to accurate time tracking and she answered “Once I started to grow and hire employees, payroll was a struggle and I wanted to be able to do it on my own being a small business. This program helped so much for many reasons including the independent work schedules, deliveries and events that I had employees working at during different times and different places. Also, we were using QuickBooks, and I wanted something that would integrate with my payroll system.”

With the great amount of success that Kristina has had over the years, I wanted to ask why a successful woman like herself chose OnTheClock to track her employee’s hours? Kristina stated “It is easy to use, affordable and there was an app for the phone which is key!”

I also wanted to ask her how an online time clock has helped benefit her company, she said “It is easy for my employees to keep up with their hours because our days and weeks change constantly, so I like that I am able to monitor the hours even when I am not at the shop.”

Being a successful business owner, I could not conclude the interview without asking her what advice she would give to other small business owners. “I would say be patient, do your homework and research. One of the most helpful things was reaching out to my local SCORE office and taking advantage of the free help from former or current business owners,” said Kristina.