Cream Cheese Delights.

Red Velvet. 
red velvet cake. cream cheese.

carrot cake. cream cheese. walnuts. (optional)

Italian Cream.
coconut cake. coconut pecan cream cheese.

The Cinnamon Roll.                                                       cinnamon swirled vanilla cake. cream cheese. pecans.(optional)

Wish I Was A Kid.

Cookies and Cream.                                                        chocolate cake. Oreo cookie creme.  

vanilla cake. multi colored sprinkles. vanilla bean creme.  

Chocolate Chip.
vanilla cake with chocolate chips. chocolate creme.

vanilla bean cake.peanut butter creme. Oregon Growers fruit preserves.

Bananza Split.                                                                             banana cake. chocolate creme. vanilla creme. strawberry creme.


* All chocolate cakes contain almond extract and can be modified for nut allergies.

Raspberry Truffle.
dark chocolate cake. ganache. raspberry creme.

Salted Caramel.                                                                     dark chocolate cake. chocolate ganache. salted caramel creme.

Peanut Butter Cup.
dark chocolate cake. CB Nut’s peanut creme. chopped peanuts. 
chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Decadence.
dark chocolate cake. dark chocolate ganache. chocolate creme.

dark chocolate cake. kahlua syrup. espresso creme. chocolate ganache.

Booze Hounds.

vanilla bean cake. kahlua coffee syrup. ganache. mascarpone cream.

almond cake. grand marnier syrup. Oregon Growers raspberry preserves. raspberry cream.

On the Lighter Side.

Lavender Haze.
lavender cake. lemon creme. lemon curd.

Raspberry Lemonade.
lemon cake. raspberry creme.

Lemon Poppyseed.
lemon poppyseed cake. vanilla bean creme. marionberry preserves.

Peaches n Cream.
vanilla bean cake. fresh peach creme. Oregon Growers raspberry preserves.

Strawberry Shortcake.
vanilla bean cake. strawberry creme. lemon curd.

Coconut Blackberry.                                                       coconut cake. Oregon Growers Marionberry jam. lime curd. blackberry creme.

Almond Joy.
coconut cake. chocolate ganache. almond creme.

Here are a few of our local vendors that we use in our cakes!

Moka Joe.jpeg